Monday, July 25, 2011

Interfaith News Roundup

Local food pantry gains grant - BENNINGTON -- American Baptist Churches USA has awarded a $10,000 grant to The Kitchen Cupboard, a food distribution program of the Greater Bennington Interfaith Community Services Inc. The Kitchen Cupboard is a food pantry which opened earlier this year at the corner of Gage and Bradford Streets. "The grant was for infrastructure development at the Kitchen Cupboard, and specifically items that we have in mind are a handicapped access ramp that we desperately need and additional cooling... capacity," said Sue Andrews, who directs the cupboard and other GBICS programs. "We have a lot of freezing capacity, but we need more coolers."

Holy Land clerics launch interfaith Earth forum - Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the Holy Land joined forces Monday to launch a multi-faith environmental campaign, citing religious injunctions to protect the Earth across their three faiths. Among their plans are the convening of an international conference of religious leaders in New York ahead of the 2012 UN General Assembly, a North America public relations campaign and training future clerics on the importance of environmental issues, one of the organisers said.

Patheos Partners with Memnosyne Foundation's Interfaith Service Network to Create The Interfaith Service Hunger Resource Allocation Network - DALLAS, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Murry McKenzie, coo of Patheos, the world's premier online destination for global dialogue on religion and spirituality, announced today that, "Patheos is excited to partner with Memnosyne Foundation's Interfaith Service Network to develop a regional Hunger Resource Allocation Network (HRAN). This network, to be created and piloted in North Texas, will provide the online communication infrastructure that will help hunger agencies and food providers reach the hungry in the most efficient manner."

Muslim country hosts largest interfaith wedding - 4500 couples were married at an interfaith event in Indonesia that invoked Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist ceremonies, depending upon the preference of the couple. Organizers are claiming it is the largest interfaith marriage ceremony ever.

Interfaith youth initiative opening minds and hearts at Brandeis - WALTHAM - Over the past week, 60 youths, seminarians, rabbinical students, and Brandeis University staff spent their days trying to exemplify Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a “beloved community” and “the world house,” performing community service, praying with those of other faiths, and focusing on peace.

Three Utah Councils to have first Hindu opening prayers in over a century - Nevada (US), July 24: In Utah (USA), the councils of Salt Lake County, West Valley City and Sandy City will reportedly have their first Hindu invocation on September 20, which is more than a century after these were established.

His Holiness and the Art and Science of Interfaith Cooperation - What's the Dalai Lama's secret? He's got over two million Twitter followers, people buy his books in droves, his speeches sell out stadiums. In a highly cynical age, he's held the public's attention for over two decades with some pretty elementary ideas: the essence of human nature is to be happy, human beings are happiest when they help others attain happiness, all major religions nurture the most basic ingredient of happiness, namely compassion, but you don't have to be religious to be compassionate, you just have to live up to the basic goodness of your human nature.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'll be preaching - Sunday, July 17th, 2011

 On Sunday, July 17th, at 9:30am I will be preaching at The United Church of Winchester. My sermon title is "Exodus - A time in the Desert." You might wonder what brings me to write about such a thing as exodus, mass leavings, and the like. Think about life right now, though, and you might find some clues.

In the past year, almost everyone I have met has been going through some sort of crisis. Whether it is one of faith, of housing, of finances or medical issues doesn't really matter. In a way, each of us is dealing with the idea of exodus, of being coerced into the desert of our own being in order to try and find a new way, a new life, a new type of Being. It is almost as if we are all being prepared, as a race, for the scary things to come in the next little while. I, for one, am ready to move on. Yet I was suffering deeply, spiritually and emotionally, only a month ago. My family and my faith, my seminary classmates and my clergy friends are what got me through that dark time. Come on over to the church and join us for a Sunday discussion of Exodus.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gay Couples Marry Free!

Rev. Allyson and Rev. Annie
Rev. Annie is a friend of mine and Alumni at The New Seminary. I highly recommend her for all your wedding needs in the NYC area! To that end, I share her press release with you!

DATE: 7/26
SUBWAY: A/C/E to W. 4th Street, N/R to 8th Street
CONTACT: Rev. Annie,
COST: $0

Here's the details: 

Well-known Gay-Friendly NYC Wedding Officiants Rev. Annie Lawrence ( & Rev. Will Mercer ( are ready to tie the knot with you! Tuesday, July 26, 2011, 9:00 am-5:00 pm in Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village in Manhattan they will officiate your Wedding Ceremony the first week that Same-Sex Marriage is legal in New York. This service is a gift of Love to all gay couples with a Marriage License, and your personal ceremony is free of charge!

To request Rev. Annie for your 15-min time slot, please email her with your Names, phone #s, and requested time:

To request Rev. Will for your 15-min times slot, please email him with your Names, phone #s, and requested time:

You can begin to apply for your Marriage Licenses at all Marriage Bureau locations in the 5 Boroughs of New York City on July 5, 2011, and begin to pick up your licenses on Monday, July 25. You must wait 24 hours from the date and time noted on your Marriage License before your Ceremony can be legally performed:

We look forward to celebrating your Love and Marriage in NYC!