Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grace Bombs

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Our world is filled with a lot of uncomfortable and downright disturbing things right now. Terrorism, rape, forced marriages, genital mutilation, and hundreds of other horrible acts are being committed across the globe. Some are done in the name of religion, and some are just happening for no particular reason. It goes across culture, gender, age, orientation... there is violence everywhere. Even when we look away from the media, we still hear about people with botched surgeries, families losing babies at birth, tornadoes and hurricanes wiping whole cities off the map, and freak weather causing damage to crops all over. There seems to be no end to the number of upsetting things you can read in a day. And in a way, you don't really want to ignore it, because to do so seems to be sticking your head in the sand, or putting your fingers in your ears and humming, "La la la!"

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There's a line from a silly movie called Death to Smoochy: "You can't change the world, but you can make a dent." - Sheldon, aka 'Smoochy the Rhino' (IMDB) While Sheldon is a bit of a nutter, he's an honest guy. He knows he can't change everything. He's not going to stop world hunger tomorrow. Instead, he focuses on doing his little bit, what he's able to do. If everyone did just a little bit, the world would be a much better place. Imagine every person in the world doing one good deed a day. The whole focus of the world would change, overnight. If we stopped worrying about how we can't possibly affect the Big Picture, and started doing something about what's local to us, change would simply happen.

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Today, I was introduced to a group called Grace Bomb Ministries. What they do is create Grace Bombs, which, ". . . can consist of many elements: cards, letters, e-mails or social media notes, audio and video messages, care packages with gift cards or other gifts, a mix tape with positive music, etc... which are all created and sent to express to someone that they are loved and supported." (GBM main page) They collect up all the items and letters and pictures, and send them to the person who needs the emotional boost. Anyone can participate, and anyone can ask for help. The flood of support that comes in to a person who is low for whatever reason can make a huge difference in how that person copes with their personal tragedies and tribulations. Becoming a part of the Grace Bombing by sending something in also provides a lift for the person helping, as we're well aware that helping others helps ourselves.

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On their project page, they list a couple of on-going ministries. You can pick or choose if you'd like to participate. There is no coercion. This is done by you for your own reasons. You don't have to give your name if you don't want to. You just send whatever you're sending, and they see that it's delivered. You give a gift of grace, a gift of love, a gift of much-needed attention to someone who was lacking. You make a dent, as Sheldon would say. What a fantastic type of ministry, open to all religions (and none), to people of all races, genders, creeds, colors, orientations...

No one is excluded. Everyone is included. Hurt is acknowledged and soothed. This is, I believe, the ultimate expression of interfaith love. I plan on joining this movement today, and will be sending a little letter off to the two people currently listed. I hope you'll consider joining the movement as well, whether by sending a letter to these two or by helping someone in your own community that you know needs a lift.

Give the gift of grace to someone who truly needs it. Feel free to share with us how you felt when you did so (though please use only initials of people so that they are not unduly exposed).

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