Thursday, June 27, 2013

Patchwork Interfaith Community

"Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
Ours is no caravan of despair!
Come, yet again, come." 
 -- Rumi

Patchwork Interfaith Community is proud to announce its launch on June 27th, 2013, as well as our first two services. On July 7th and July 21st at 1:00pm, please join us at the Cathedral of the Pines, down at the St. Francis of Assisi chapel.  Rev. Allyson Szabo will be leading worship services dedicated to bridging gaps, smoothing communication lines, and raising spiritual awareness. There will be song, prayer, poetry and holy words from a variety of religions and spiritual paths.

Patchwork has been created by Rev. M. Allyson Szabo as a gathering for developing communication between the various religions in the southern New Hampshire area. All religions have the well-being of their followers in mind, but not everyone is suited to attend a formal church. At the Cathedral, we'll be outside in a beautiful, natural setting with Mt. Monadnock behind us. This "church not made with hands" is nestled within the Cathedral of the Pines, an interfaith-oriented place of worship as well as a memorial for all those who have died in service to our country.

"The Cathedral has been an integral part of the Rindge, NH religious community for many years now," shares Rev. Allyson, founder of Patchwork. "They provide an open, affirming place for people of all religions and beliefs to visit, worship, and find peace. It is the perfect place for Patchwork to be formally birthed. We hope people from the surrounding communities will join us for worship!"

Patchwork Interfaith Community is a brand new ministry, founded by Rev. Allyson. Its mission is to provide a place for mixed-religion families, those who are not a part of a formal religious body, and those who wish to have more community oriented services in addition to their own, to come and worship together. Building bridges of communication between various religions' adherents is a goal that Rev. Allyson hopes to see fulfilled as Patchwork grows. 

The first two services offered by Patchwork will be held in July as previously noted. However, Rev. Allyson hopes to midwife Patchwork into a more steady, weekly worship service that will appeal to a broad section of the local community. If she gathers enough interest, services may continue over the winter, and could even include an interfaith 'Sunday School' for younger children.

"Interfaith service is what I am called to," Rev. Allyson admits. "I hope to help teach the people in my community that all faiths have similar ideals, morals, and joys. The rituals may look very different, but the underlying awe and love for a Creator of some kind is a thread that runs through almost all religions." You can find Rev. Allyson on the internet at her website or her blog.

For more information about the Patchwork Interfaith Community, please visit the Patchwork FaceBook page, or contact Rev. Allyson at or (978) 616-9654.